We are Dovargo, an American Lifestyle Brand and a sub-brand of Freaky Shoes® that spreads excitement and happiness in the form of custom made apparels and accessories. This New Year is the perfect excuse to revamp your closets and homes by replacing your old and boring items with trendy and one-of-a-kind ones. From apparel to household items to accessories, Dovargo is the ultimate one-stop website to fulfill all your bespoke needs. 

Why Dovargo?

Situated in New Jersey, USA, we try our best to produce as many superior grade products in the vicinity as possible. However, a few of our items also come from Europe and other parts of the world. What makes us particularly stand out is our experience in dealing with made-to-order products and our ability to cater to your personalized requests with the utmost perfection. That said, we ensure to have your orders delivered as fast as possible, and that too at premium-grade standards. 

Our Creative Team

Our super-talented team of creative marketing gurus, artists, and fashion designers go way out of their comfort zone in delivering you the most exceptional quality custom-made apparel and accessories that will wow everybody in your circle. Whether it is t-shirts or pants to something as minimal as socks, bandanas, and face masks, Dovargo makes it all.

Each of our designs is made-to-order, exclusively for you. Our creative team is always on the run to create exciting and impressive new designs for you, so you can keep coming back for some more and find new stuff every time! 

Customized Products as Unique as Yourself

Each one of us was born different; we all have different likings, preferences, and tastes. So what is restricting you from breaking the circle when you have us by your side? With Dovargo, you no longer have to stick to the boring old designs when you can develop a design of your very own! 

Now you can bring out our wildest imaginations in the form of creative designs and use them on anything you like: from tees to onesies, socks to face masks, dresses to towels, and the list just keeps going on. We also provide a wide array of custom-made household items like mugs, towels, and blankets that will serve as beautiful keepsakes for yourself and your loved ones.   

Our Exclusive Services

At Dovargo, you will be amazed to find a wide array of outstanding designs, patterns, styles, and color variations to design your own apparel items and accessories. Our state-of-the-art design module lets you mix and match various colors and designs. Once you choose your design, our experts will get to work and deliver you custom-made products of the highest quality standards in no time.

We take absolute joy and pride in designing personalized apparel and accessories that are a product of your own exclusive interests. Dovargo tends to the needs of people of all ages and genders. As customers, you can come to us with basically any designs you want and get them imprinted on your choice of clothes, accessories, and household items. 

We assure you our products are unique in style, incredibly trendy and fashionable, and perfect for various occasions. Visit Dovargo to see all the fantastic things in store that you can start customizing right away for yourself and your nearest and dearest.